When Probation Officer, Penelope (Pen) Santucci was a child, she dreamt of being a nun. She dressed in bed sheets and roller-skated regularly into the confessional of Father Daniel Kopecky. There she bared her soul, fabricating sins only a precocious eight-year-old could invent. As a twenty-seven-year-old woman, she's doing the same thing, sans the roller skates and bed sheets. Only this time, she isn't inventing stories. She's confessing her involvement in a murder; a murder she didn't commit, but one in which she is the most promising suspect.

Wisecracking, safecracking Pen lures an elderly priest and a young nun into committing felonies on their wild search for the truth. Hardly appropriate behavior for the dedicated probation officer, but while Pen believes in her job, she has little faith in the justice system. Unfortunately, Pen digs herself deeper into trouble and straight into a muddy grave, dragging her sexy attorney in with her. If they ever get out of it alive, he plans to wring her neck himself. That is, if the thugs who are after the money she found don't get her first.

What They're Saying ...

Pen, who seems to be an equally smart-mouthed but less-disciplined version of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, may exasperate some readers with her flightiness… still, the religious angle adds interest, and Sisco’s deft storytelling, slick prose, and well-crafted characters should win a following for this smart and sassy new series.  

-Booklist July 1, 2009

Sisco’s debut….with both eyes focused like a laser on Stephanie Plum.  The energy level never dips below the red zone. Fans who want something to read during the three months per year that lack a new Janet Evanovich title may have found their fix.

-Kirkus Review June 15, 2009

Move over Janet Evanovich, slip to one side, Larry Block.  Andrea Sisco has burst on the scene with an irresistible protagonist, Penelope Santucci.  Feisty, defiant, guilt-ridden, and more fun than you can imagine, Penelope will keep you laughing and guessing, especially when a reluctant priest and nun round out an unlikely trinity.  With more twists and turns than Salome's dance, A Deadly Habit will leave you giving thanks for a great read.

-Emyl Jenkins, author of Stealing with Style and The Big Steal

First-time author, Andrea Sisco, has created a spunky new heroine in Penelope (Pen) Santucci.  Told with humor and an eye for detail, A Deadly Habit is a great ride and a bright beginning to a new mystery series.  Put on the coffee, open up a bag of biscotti and prepare yourself for some fun!

-Ellen Hart, author of Iron Girl

You will both fall in love with Penelope, and want to kill her as this feisty protagonist delves into her ex-husband's shady dealings and dodges every bullet imaginable to clear herself of murder charges.  With a colorful and endearing cast, A Deadly Habit is a fast-paced, entertaining ride

-Jan Brogan, author of Teaser, Yesterday's Fatal and A Confidential Source


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