August 7
Blog Interview at:
Andrea will talk about writing and her
book A Deadly Habit

Thursday, August 20, 2009 from 6-8 p.m.
Exelsior Bay Books book signing
36 Water Street, Excelsior, MN 55331
Refreshments and door prizes.  The person who brings
the most adults will win a signed copy of A Deadly Habit

Internet Radio interview
with Fran Stewart of Mystery Matters
September 11, 2009
9:00 a.m.

September 12, 2009
Chanhassen Public Library
7711 Kerber Blvd.
Chanhassen, MN

October 3
noon to 2:00 p.m. book signing
The Sampler
551 W. 78th St.
Chanhassen, MN 55317

October 10, 2009
Private appearance
Book Club- Nancy Nichols

July 13 - July 20
Women's Radio

Interview with Andrea is scheduled to air from July13 to July 20. Click here for the article.

July 22, 2009

Welcome to Jungle Red, a salon of six mystery writers. Here, it's all about writing. And not writing. And our search for motive in life, love, fiction and reality. The bloggers are Rosemary Harris, Roberta Isleib, Hallie Ephron, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Rhys Bowen and Jan Brogan.

July 22, 2009

Andrea will be talking about the writing life. Join her and catch up with other authors you love to read.

interview Andrea talks about her book launch
Publication launch at Once Upon A Crime Mystery Bookstore

When:  Thursday July 30 at 7:00 p.m.
Where:  Once Upon A Crime mystery bookstore
Address:  604 W. 26th St. Minneapolis, MN 55405 (E. of Lyndale)
Telephone: 612-870-3785  
Email: [email protected]

My debut novel, A Deadly Habit: A Penelope Santucci Mystery, will be released in July and the folks at Once Upon a Crime mystery bookstore (my favorite bookstore) are graciously hosting the launch.  I am excited and grateful to Pat and Gary for this opportunity.

If you are going to attend and want a book please contact them at 612-870-3785 to pre order. Please check out their website at or email them at . It will be a help them to know the number of books to order.  We want everyone to have a copy.

I'd love to hear from you that you're attending.[email protected] Please bring one or two friends!  Or more! If you're inclined, please forward this email to friends who live in the Twin City area to invite them.  The more the merrier.

Peter Anthony Holder Interview
(June 4, 2009)

Peter Anthony Holder of Canadian Radio CRFB1010 in Toronto and Montreal interviewed Andrea Sisco, author of A Deadly Habit on Thursday (early a.m.) June 4, 2009.  The half hour interview was broadcast to the eastern half of Canada and was Andrea's first major interview for her debut novel, A Deadly Habit: A Penelope Santucci Mystery (released July 17, 2009). Listen to Peter Anthony and Andrea Sisco talk about A Deadly Habit, the writing process and life in general.  Peter Anthony referred to Andrea as a "Erma Bombeck" and that's a good thing!

Click the icon to listen to the interview:



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