About Andrea

Andrea takes delight in the written word. She loves mysteries, general fiction and Young Adult/Middle Reader, but she reads a bit of science fiction/fantasy (particularly time travel), and some non-fiction.

Andrea has had a varied career. She's worked as a model, flight attendant, probation officer and television host and has even appeared in a movie by Holiday Reinhorn (wife of Rainn Wilson from the Office).

She and her writing partner have completed a Middle Reader Fantasy (series) and they are looking for an agent. Andrea sold her first custom essays cheap, "A Deadly Habit" (mystery) and it will be published in July 2009 by Five Star.

Andrea has also been a guest blogger at some wonderful Blog Spots around the world. As Armchair Interviews continues to grow she finds herself interviewed on the web and in print (great promotion for the site) and is invited to speak at writing conferences (which means she gets to meet great book people and talk about books and writing).

Andrea and her husband Bob travel the world extensively. They reside in Minnesota during the summer months and Arizona during the winter. Between them, Andrea and her husband have twelve grown children (three adopted from Korea and one from Thailand) and eighteen grandchildren. Her grandchildren are the light and love of her life. They are truly God's gift and show us that humanity is worthwhile and oh so much fun.

Newsflash: Andrea has a new arrival as of 2/21/09. Sophie arrived on a bright snowy day. She's a cuddly little redhead and she "owns" Andrea. Okay, it's not a baby. Well, it is sort of. Sophie is an adorable Shih Tzu puppy who was born on 11/13/09. Andrea is soooo tired. The little one still gets up once during the night.

Oh, Andrea doesn't care to write the great American novel but would love to continue writing entertaining fiction. She's working on the next Penelope Santucci novel.


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